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Lomi Lomi 1 & 2 (Beginners)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a native healing art that has been practiced by Hawaiians for hundreds of years. Traditionally, the work was very secretive and taught only to the chosen healer (Kahuna) in the family. Aunty Margaret Machado was chosen as such a healer and she decided to break Hawaiian tradition by teaching her style of Lomi Lomi to anyone who expressed a sincere interest in healing others. Her style is called Pololei, and Aunty gained an international reputation teaching her work until 1999 and is now considered the “Queen of Lomi Lomi”. During her reign (Aunty retired in 1999), Aunty granted permission to teach to certain apprentices who promised to teach her style of Lomi Lomi exactly how it was taught to them.

Alice continues this tradition with the Lomi Lomi 1 & 2 (Beginners) workshop. Students will learn a full body routine with an introduction to the use of elbows and forearms. Class size is kept small because of the participatory nature of the work. Students must feel Lomi Lomi and be closely supervised to understand how to perform the technique. The individual attention and pace of the course ensures that you learn everything in the beginner’s class in one weekend. Alice works on students throughout the workshop.

The Pololei style of Lomi Lomi is deceptively simple. It enables you to massage the body without ever using your thumbs. Pressure radiates from 8 different forearm and elbow positions. The tip of the elbow is hardly ever used. Your forearm is used as a fulcrum and your body placement determines your leverage. Slight angle changes create the exact pressure you need. Your hands are completely relaxed and your worries about carpal tunnel and thumb injury are erased.

The ability to feel tissue with the forearms/elbows has saved countless therapists’ careers and has kept Pololei Lomi Lomi alive and well.

Join Alice in her fun, fast paced, Hawaiian style workshop that will bring new success to your massage career. Class tuition includes a full color, digitally photographed, workbook and laminated quick reference sheet.

Lomi Lomi 3 (Advanced)

This class is designed to take your Lomi Lomi education to the next level. Students build on the basic routine and are taught advanced forearm/elbow placements for the entire body. This includes detailed side work for the neck, hips and chest. The student must possess a mastery of basic Lomi Lomi routine in order to progress to this next level. Detailed forearm angles and body mechanics are stressed and practiced throughout the workshop. The result is a smooth, flowing routine that provides the therapist with tools to last throughout their career.

Class tuition includes a full color, digitally photographed, workbook and laminated quick reference sheet.

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