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What is a Hawaiian Colon Cleanse?

Excerpts taken with permission from Voices of Wisdom: Hawaiian Elders Speak. By MJ Harden. If you would like to purchase this book go to:

Sea water was called "the universal remedy" by the Hawaiian scholar, Samuel Kamakau. In a newspaper column he wrote in the 1860's, Kamakau described what he knew of this ancient cure: "For ka po'e kahiko (the people of old) the sea was the remedy upon which all relied...when people took sick...a drink of sea water was the universal remedy employed...the sea water loosened the bowels, and it kept on working until the yellowish and greenish discharges came forth.

Aunty Margaret adds her own modern touches to the salt water cleanse: "We give them sea water at six o'clock in the morning. At nine o'clock they have psyllium and bentonite for roughage in grape juice. Grape juice has a natural sugar, it gives you enough energy so you won't faint. Twelve o'clock, three o'clock and six o'clock they take psyllium, bentonite and grape juice. Oh boy you smell. But, after you clean out your colon you feel ten years younger."

"No food till the fourth day. Fourth, fifth, six, seventh days fruit in the morning, vegetables in the afternoon. No meat, no fish, no crab, no flesh food. For the soups, all sea water. Sea water is same as human blood--97 elements in the ocean water, same as in human blood."

"You feel good. Exercise is very important because it opens up the blood vessels and the nerves and muscles so you have better circulation. They go walking, they go swimming and they take steam baths every day and sweat out the pores. From there they go on a slant board to put the diaphragm back in position. They're inhaling and exhaling. You feel good."

"After you learn the lesson, you take care of yourself. You don't do the same thing you do before. You change. If you don't change, then you don't want to take care of yourself."


10 day Colon Cleanse

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